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CVQG Community Service Projects


Nursing Home Quilts: For almost 20 years, our main community service project has been to make lap quilts for our local seniors.  With well over a thousand quilts made, we hope to brighten their days and show them some CVQG love.


Quilts of Valor:  Originally started to give quilts to wounded veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts, the generosity of quilters has expanded its scope as a way to thank any veteran.  CVQG is proud to be a part of this worthwhile project.


Quilted Stories: This project started in 2013 pairs children’s books with quilts that illustrate them.  Plastic bins filled with a selection of books/quilts are distributed to 12 local schools and preschools and rotated regularly.  Librarians and teachers can use these as an additional way to promote literacy while instilling a love for quilts.


Gardenia Janssen Animal Shelter Quilt: We provide a quilt yearly for this worthy organization also.


Texas Quilt Museum: We proudly support our museum financially as a Charter Guild.  In addition, members act as docents and are an integral part of the team that changes out each exhibit.

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