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'A Cut Above' Award

In 2010, CVQG instituted this award to recognize a member each year who we feel has gone above and beyond to help make our Quilt Guild special.  Sometimes that is in the form of leadership, sometimes it’s that person you can always count on to step up and help.  Having monthly quilt meetings and a yearly quilt show requires so much energy and effort- we’re pleased to recognize one more member who is ‘A Cut Above.’


Prior Recipients:

2022- Barbara Schellberg

2021- Glenda Price

2020- Sandy Courrier

2019- Carolyn Bisbee

2018- Linda Polk

2017- Brigitte Mesecke

2016- Mary Margaret Read

2015- Kathy Theut

2014- Janice Raabe

2013- Kathi Babcock

2012- Jo Knox

2011- Kay Marburger

2010- Jackie Asbill

2022 'A Cut Above' Award-

Barbara Schellberg


Joining an organization like the Colorado Valley Quilt Guild can be done at a variety of levels.  Some keep an eye out for interesting programs or workshops- picking and choosing when they attend.  Some enjoy the extra social activities like bees and retreats.  Some become active in our community outreach projects by volunteering at the Quilt Museum or making Quilts of Valor or Charity quilts. Of course, there’s the Best little Quilt Show- another guild activity to participate in.  And then there are those, knowing that all of those programs, activities, outreach projects and the quilt show don’t happen without planning, join in the committee work behind it all.  And some do all those things!


We are recognizing a member who does it all with this year’s ‘Cut Above’ Award.  She not only takes advantage of what the guild has to offer, but she gives back in many ways and is always a pleasure to have around.  From the time she moved to La Grange, she’s been an active member. (Nope, not a Charter Member!)  She enjoys bees and retreats and is always there at our Charity and QOV work days. We’ve hung many a quilt together at the Quilt Museum.  She’s held several Officer positions, but has never been President.  (Hmmm- there’s an idea!)  She’s held many committee chairs and always is impressive with her organization, commitment, and reliability.  Next year she takes on the job as Chair of Best Little Quilt Show and you’ll be seeing more of her, although what she contributes behind the scenes doing Entries is equally important.  She is a very prolific quilter, with quilts in our County Fair, Quilt Show and often at Show and Tell.  You’ll see her show a project from a recent workshop, something cute for a grandchild or maybe a Quilt of Valor.


Our shared love of quilting and participation in all that the Guild offers made us ‘sisters of the cloth’.  But now I’d like to introduce you to our latest ‘Sister of the Scissors’- the 2022 Cut Above Award winner- Barbara Schellberg.

Barbara Shellberg.JPG
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