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'A Cut Above' Award

In 2010, CVQG instituted this award to recognize a member each year who we feel has gone above and beyond to help make our Quilt Guild special.  Sometimes that is in the form of leadership, sometimes it’s that person you can always count on to step up and help.  Having monthly quilt meetings and a yearly quilt show requires so much energy and effort- we’re pleased to recognize one more member who is ‘A Cut Above.’


Prior Recipients:

2023 - Debbi Gabler

2022 - Barbara Schellberg

2021- Glenda Price

2020 - Sandy Courrier

2019 - Carolyn Bisbee

2018 - Linda Polk

2017 - Brigitte Mesecke

2016 - Mary Margaret Read

2015 - Kathy Theut

2014 - Janice Raabe

2013 - Kathi Babcock

2012 - Jo Knox

2011- Kay Marburger

2010 - Jackie Asbill

2023 'A Cut Above' Award-

Debbi Gabler


The Colorado Valley Quilt Guild wouldn’t exist without the energy and dedication of its members- and some have gone above and beyond in their service.  Take a look at the list of those who have won our ‘A Cut Above’ award in the past to see some examples of those who have made CVQG what it is today.


And why do we do what we do?  Why do we attend the meetings, worry about By-Laws changes, work like youngsters (which none of us are anymore!) to put on a yearly Best Little Quilt Show, sell raffle tickets and make and give away quilts?


One word: fellowship.  We use this hobby to create a community, a tribe, a sisterhood.  Think of how much richer we all are to have belonged to CVQG.  Think of how its existence has provided the opportunity for so many of us to join, learn more, and share what we’ve learned with others and with the community.  And then think of what it takes to keep that wheel turning.  People.  Us.    


Our new Cut Above recipient is a charter member, so she’s been in on this from the beginning.  She’s organized, capable, and has an enormous heart. 

She’s a firm fixture at Tuesday bee, where we share our good times and bad (and maybe a bit of gossip!) while we stitch.  Over the years she’s helped with the Raffle Quilt, been the Grant Writer and the chair of Charity Quilts. 

You may think of Janice Raabe with the shirt protector project, but Janice gives our Cut Above winner the credit for both the idea and keeping the project going. 

But she’s best known for chairing our Quilts of Valor program- for how many years now?- helping us all give back to some of the most deserving in our community in the way we know best.  Through quilts.


Congratulations, Debbi Gabler.  You’re truly ‘A Cut Above’!

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